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Get the same cleaning results, healthier! is proud to introduce and Cleaning Products to our customers! Developed in 1997 by Montana Muskoka, these products are extensively tested, PH balanced, contain no artificial dyes, perfumes, adhesives, extra foaming agents, or toxic ingredients. But do they work?

Yes! We have been using these products for over 10 years, and they are the only cleaning products we use at home! for a testimonial from one of our customers) Safe for persons with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder, Allergies, Asthma, Sensitive Skin, and those who are concerned about reducing the chemical load we put in our bodies and environment. Gentle enough to use for baby bath soap!

Can also be used for: Laundry-especially for cold water, gentle cycle, baby clothes, but also for the whole family! (use only 1/4 cup for large load) Use full strength for antibacterial handsoap, will not dry out skin for an easy recipe for home made baby wipes Very affordable compared to other store bought 'green' brands Also available:  Rose Line Orange-rated ULTRA HE for front loader and commercial washers Replace all your cleaners with one product! Can be used on any surface, including leather! Tough enough even for bathrooms and kitchens  Safe to use around children, pets, food  Use to prewash fruits and vegetables!

Use for minor first aid-antiseptic cleans and sanitizes cuts and scrapes Does not have a strong vinegar smell Also available in 1 Gallon concentrate for professional use only All the cleaning power of White Line All purpose Antibacterial Cleaner with the added skin enhancing of Perfect for: 1 Gallon refill (will refill purse size spray 60x! )- $35. 40 BEST VALUE! !

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