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Who is not up to outdoor activities such as soaking yourself up in the beach or hiking on exciting terrains? Every year we really find time to schedule such activities for fun, experience and learning. Aside from having list on what to bring and what do’s and don’ts should and shouldn’t be done for safety, we also put utmost importance to our skin’s wellness specifically on it’s protection from sun. Outdoor activities always equates to moderate to extreme sun exposure. But as much as we wanted to protect every inch of your skin by using sunscreen or covering ourselves up with clothes, UV rays from the sun are treacherous and can inadvertently harm us.

But these activities are simply just irresistible and it’s inevitable getting yourself caught in the excruciating sun. One prominent indication that your skin is overexposed is sunburn and knowing how to get rid of sunburn fast will be of much great relief. Choosing the right method and right medications to use on how to get rid of your sunburn fast is the most critical part. Various ways and healing agents are available and confusing but these stipulated methods are considered universal, widely used, natural and most of all effective. Before going in to the step by step procedures bear in mind that when you have sunburn your skin looses a lot of moisture.

The first and most important thing for a fast healing is rehydrating yourself by drinking lots of water. This is a universal rule and we know other advantages of drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily right? So why not stick to this regimen because this seems to be basic. And For the real start, we know the fact that having sunburn is really painful especially when it’s at your back; this could be a much discomfort when sleeping or giving your body a backrest. Try soothing this anxiety by using a cold compress with water.

This does not only soothes your skin but also hydrates its surface. SO you actually need to do inside and outside rehydration. Mix water and put a little ice on it but do not put ice directly unto your sunburn. Also, try to make a solution with some aloe Vera or baking soda in the water. Aloe Vera is known to have healing and anti-inflammatory effects while baking soda helps in soothing it.

Apply it everyday for about 20 minutes. It’s also not advised to use topical essential oils as they can cause pore blockage and this is detrimental for the fast healing of sunburned skins. Other sites recommend coconut and lavender oils but its better not to use one. Other sunburn soothers include oatmeal, milk, cornstarch, yogurt and teabags. My preferred natural soother is the teabag because aside from the fact that it’s relatively cheaper, it’s also anti inflammatory and antibacterial.

The next essential rule is: do not use soap. Soaps can cause dryness and can irritate your skin further. You can use milk based body wash or instead of a bubble bath, try to mix the natural soothers mentioned and rinse it thoroughly afterwards. You can use chilled water for a little self pampering with the relief and calmness of not feeling the stings of your sunburn. Then, dry yourself off by not rubbing your towel against your skin, air drying is preferred or patting it at least is desirable.

Do not irritate it more by doing so. Afterwards, moisturize your skin by lathering aloe Vera based lotion. One trick to make this more soothing is refrigerating your lotion before use. I’ve read this on a certain blog and voila -It works! You will benefit for both in this way.

If blisters are present, do not try to break it. Blistering indicates second degree burns and this is not yet critical as long as yellow pus is not present. By the way you can put a bandage on it but be sure to loosen it up and also make sure that the tapes do not touch your affected skin; well I can’t imagine your twinge  when this is accidentally done so be aware. These steps on how to get rid of sunburns are simple and easy, but it just takes commitment and consistency to heal your sunburn as fast as you can. Be gentle to your skin and don’t get another one when your existing sunburn is not completely healed, or better do not get another one by using proper sunscreens and clothing and as much as possible avoid too much sun when it can still be avoided.

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