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We all know that lemon mixed with water makes lemonade but there is a new drink involving these two ingredients that wont make your lips pucker so much. Drinking lemon water is an excellent way to get the best health benefits while soothing your soul on those early mornings. And the best thing You can say what you want about sushi, but this tasty take on fish has grown in popularity. Right along your favorite string of steakhouses, burger joints and diners, there are more Japanese restaurants popping up.

To those not comfortable with eating sushi, there are plenty of health benefits Easy Diet Choices that will Help you Lose Weight I can still remember watching my mom diet when I was a kid. She would load the tuna fish onto her kitchen scale to keep her portion sizes and calories in check. I dont know why that image has stuck with me for so many years, but perhaps it has something to do with the great challenge that we seem to Read more Nutrition: Easy Diet Choices that will Help you Lose Weight . .

. In light of the popularity of high-protein, low-carb diets, there are many misconceptions about these two nutritional building blocks. For many, protein has become synonymous with good and carbs have become synonymous with bad. If you exercise regularly, you may be wondering   Read more Fitness: Smart Fuel For Your Workout: Balancing Carbs & Protein .

. . The purpose of spending an afternoon or, dare to dream, an entire day at a spa is to be pampered, relaxed, energized or all three, and shut off from the rest of the world. With a bit of planning and a Do Not Disturb sign, you can have a spa treatment in the most used room of the house any time you choose.

Read more Spa: Make Your Shower Your Spa . . . Those under-the-radar in-home Botox and Restylene parties have led to something much more fun and a lot less harmful.

This latest trend in beauty care is fast becoming the hottest way to get pampered: the In-Home Spa Party. I have to admit that sometimes the only thing that motivates me enough to get me through my workout at the gym, is the thought of the relaxing steamroom visit I always treat myself to afterward. Think of it as a sort of reward for beating procrastination. But many of us gym-goers don`t realize that Something In the Way She Moves: Pilates & Posture What is it that inspires us to describe a particular woman as "beautiful"?

It might be her hair, her skin or her figure. Yet sometimes, a woman with less than perfect features might also be described as beautiful, while another woman who has everything going for her will go unnoticed. Read more Fitness: Something In the Way She Moves: Pilates & Posture . .

. The Best Exercises for Summer Sexy Legs When the warm weather hits and the shorts come out of the closet, sometimes it can be intimidating to let those legs out of their winter slacks and jeans as well. The key to turning those legs into lookers for the summer season is all in the exercises that you choose. There are plenty of choices   Read more Fitness: The Best Exercises for Summer Sexy Legs .

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