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Nor did I know about any kind of natural cures or remedies for health related problems. If I would have. . . I wouldn't have had to see my best friend in the sixth grade fall to the floor right in front of me while playing a pick-up game of basketball suffering from an asthma attack while we were in gym class. . .

Or seeing my uncle cry in pain from the arthritis in his hands and knees. Or as a teenager trying to cover my face so that people couldn't see all of the bumps and scars left behind from acne. All of those experiences could have been avoided had the right all natural health remedies been made available. None of it would have been necessary Now let's take a look at 3 different situations where using an alternative natural health approach to treating these problems can make a big difference A Natural Health Solution: How You Can Cause An Exercise Induced Asthma Attack And What You Can Do To Prevent It Asthma effects millions of people across America of all ages. All three groups can become asthmatic. An interesting situation occurs though when an asthmatic is told that they need to get more potassium in their diet. What that asthmatic doesn't know is that large amounts of potassium can is actually bad for them.

Too much orange juice, too many bananas, or any drink containing too much potassium can bring on an asthma attack, in particular if taken before doing any exercising. This can cause an exercise induced asthma attack. You can prevent this from happening by increasing your salt intake slightly before you exercise. This will increase your lungs capacity for air exchange. It will also reduce excess sweating. Natural Cures Using Sunlight And The Benefits To Asthmatics To an asthmatic, sunlight is a natural form of medicine. You've probably never heard that before.

So let me explain. . . The light from the sun acts on the cholesterol deposits on the skin and turns them into vitamin D. Vitamin D then encourages bone making and the trapping of calcium by the bones. (in children this helps them grow) Another benefit of this process is that calcium has a direct neutralizing effect on the body and is effective at balancing the cell pH. As a result of this the complications associated with asthma can be alleviated. A simple increase in sunlight can make a big difference to an asthmatic.

And best of all it's free. Natural Health Remedies For Arthritis That You've Never Been Told About What is arthritis exactly? Arthritis literally means joint inflamation and generally refers to a group of more that 100 different diseases and other conditions that cause pain, stiffness and swelling of the joints. There's some confusion when it comes to arthritis. It's usually thought that only the hands, Knees, and joints can be affected. However, any part of your body can become inflamed or painful from arthritis. Another misconception is that only the elderly tend to suffer from arthritis.

It's true that the elderly tend to suffer from to two most common forms of arthritis (Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid) However it's not true that ONLY the elderly can suffer from arthritis. Anyone can be affected at any age. . . . even children. One of the easiest ways to reduce the pain from the arthritis in the hands arms and leg joints is to rehydrate yourself.

Water actually serves as an effective natural pain reducer. When you understand that pain in an area of your body means that area is to acidic then you can understand how Water can help to restore your body's pH balance. But not just any water. Alkaline water with a pH balance of 7. 5 or higher will do the trick. A bottle of fiji water has a pH of 7. 5 Because in order to neutralize an acid, you need an alkaline.

So to neutralize the acid level in your body you need an alkaline based water. Water from you tap and most regular bottled water doesn't contain alkaline. How To Launch An Attack On Acne You're all set to go out and you're looking your best, then it happens. A pimple springs up on your face right there fore everyone to see. And it just doesn't happen to teenagers, it can happen to some adults as well. So what exactly is acne? Is what happens when the oil glands in your skin get clogged up.

Your skin contains oil glands ( called Sabaceous glands) that produce a special oil. This oil helps keep your skin smooth and healthy and protects your skin from dirt, bacteria and dryness. When these glands start working overtime it produces excess oil. This excess oil starts collecting under the skin surface and there you have the beginnings of a pimple. What The Ancient Egyptians New About Alternative Natural Health Treatments For Treating Acne That You Don't The ancient Egyptians new a lot about all natural health cures and remedies that could be used to treat acne. In fact one of there secrets for having smoother looking skin was in their use of strawberries. Using strawberries/strawberry leaves in a poultice is actually a very effective remedy for acne.

(a poultice just means that you turn them into a soft mass and you can spread it out on a cloth) Now for one last natural remedy for treating acne. An herbal tea recipe for treating acne and improving your overall natural health: These dried herbs are to be crushed and placed inside capsules or tea bags.

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